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Meet the Author

Welcome to The Unexplained Vault.  A website containing a collection of information, documents, photographs and video footage, of UFO sightings and other unexplained phenomena.

InstagramCapture_59e32f5e-fc05-47d9-a1c7-d3f00dff9f9d_jpgThe website was built and put together by Liam Serrant, who is fan and enthusiast of everything to do with UFOs and and other unexplained mysteries.  He is also website developer, creating personal websites for individuals and or small businesses.  As well as creating websites, you can also find him working with Photoshop creating graphic design artwork as a hobby.

When not stuck in front of the computer, you can find him reading articles, books or watching the shows Ancient Aliens, Hangar 1, Brad Meltzer’s Lost History, Alien Files: Unsealed, Conspiracy Files, The Unexplained Files, Decoded and Unsealed Alien Files. Between watching these shows he is a sports fan of many sports and fan of Liverpool FC football team.

Before he became a website and attended university he was a elevator/lift engineer, and keen fitness fanatic working out in the gym four times a week.  Also finding time to train as in kick boxing, but an unfortunate accident in 1995 whilst on holiday with friends left him unable to walk with a spinal cord injury and using a wheelchair.

After rehabilitation of eight months he was determined to get back is fitness, so began to train and play Wheelchair Rugby for the local team set up from the Spinal Injuries Hospital. After playing Wheelchair Rugby for eight years he embarked on gaining some qualifications in computing.

He as studied at Bradford College and the University of Bradford gaining a BSc Internet Product Design in 2006.  From then on he as created and built websites for individuals using his favourite platform Wordpress.

Enjoy looking through the website and remember the truth is always out there.